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This week:

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I roam the internet when I’m stressed, so that would be always. Happy weekend! xx
In the blog:
– Interesting musician alert in New York.
– Sunset in a construction building from my photography project.
Internet Findings:
– I really need some time to read this: Hitchcock and the Architecture of Suspense. (Metropolis Mag)
This house creeps me out. There is no privacy! (Dezeen)
– I’m catching up on London Fashion Week. I love how patch-work-y it is. I especially really liked Roskandra Ilincic and Burberry. Erdem has gone so dark lately! ( and Zanita)
– Milan Fashion Week is also happening. How do people keep up with these shows?
Gucci got lots better this season (last season was a mess to me). (
– One day these pictures will be a case study of today’s society. (My Modern Met)

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