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I took a break from posting this week. I’ve been just too busy and I felt like I wanted to think about the content I want to put out there. Because the internet is just a huge and timeless thing, I don’t want to just throw stuff out there.
I still roamed the internet as always though. And these were my internet findings of the week:
– This is because I’m in love with Jon Snow. (Fashion Gone Rogue)
– Milan Fashion Week ended last weekend. I’m really not a fashion person but I do love fashion in my own special way, so my highlights of it are: (
· I actually liked a Roberto Cavalli look! (never ever happens, so I’m in shock)
· Dolce & Gabbana, like Gucci, went on a completely pretty direction.
· And I LOVE Prada, but it always leaves me wondering about life. Don’t ask.
· And can I marry Missoni?
– Also Paris Fashion Week is going on right now. I’ll probably talk about it next week.
– This is my dream room. To hell with gravity!! (My Modern Met)
– How different we would all look if our faces were symmetrical. We should be thankful that they’re not! (My Modern Met)
– Archeologists in Egypt discover a sarcophagus. Dreamy! (Art Daily .org)

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