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When I grow up… (Sayulita, Jalisco)

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Sayulita, JaliscoPhoto by me

One day my mom, brother and I woke up at dawn and drove to the beach to spend the day. I was just starting to give photography a try with a sony pocket-camera. This is one of the pictures I took. I just feel like there’s so much longing in these little girls to grow up, almost like they could see themselves in the two young friends in front of them. Only, this is from the picture’s point of view because I don’t actually know any of them.

Un día mi mamá, hermano y yo salimos en la madrugad para pasar el día en la playa. Apenas estaba intentando tomar fotos con una cámara sony de bolsillo. Tomé ésta foto ese día. Siento como si las dos niñas añoraran crecer, casi viendo su reflejo en las dos jóvenes en frente de ellas. Pero esto solo es una conclusión propia por que no las conozco.  


One thought on “When I grow up… (Sayulita, Jalisco)

  1. Great subject in this one! I had 3 sony point and shoots before getting an slr – they did the job

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