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Matanchén, San Blás

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Years ago one of my best friends and I would joke that if things got too tough we would go and live at the beach. We would sell necklaces and that sort of thing you always see being sold at the beach. That was our master plan. Many years have passed since then, it something we’d no longer do. And yet everytime I’m at or thinking of the beach I’m overcome and wish I never had to leave it. (If my writing seems weird, its because I’ve been reading Jane Austen.)

Hace años una de mis mejores amigas y yo decíamos que si se complicaba mucho la vida nos íbamos a ir a vivir a la playa. Decíamos que íbamos a vender collares y pulseritas. Era nuestro plan maestro. De eso ya ha pasado tiempo, ya no lo haríamos. Pero cada que estoy o pienso en la playa me encantaría quedarme ahí para siempre.

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