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26.1So I’ve been horrible at posting lately. That’s because I keep giving myself more and more things to do, and well, I’m not super woman. But I hate not following through so I’ll always come back.

This week in the blog I reminisced about the couple of days I spent at the beach. You can see the two different posts here and here. I came back wishing I could’ve stayed longer.

In the world of the internet many things happened:

– Some idiot kid demonstrated everything that is wrong with selfies and the vanity of social media. (Dazed)
– A castle in Syria survived recent attacks and I just sigh. (
– The British editor of Vogue has a point. (Telegraph)
Frida is in Italy and will be traveling the world. (
– Karl Lagerfeld is crazy. With that in mind, what he says is actually entertaining and even wise. (Refinery 29)

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