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This Week:

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This week I posted photos from the streets of Querétaro, which enchanted me, and a photo of a boy in Balcones de Oblatos in Guadalajara.

Internet Findings:

– An article about how all the current heroines are short and skinny. Very interesting. (The Atlantic)
– No matter what, this website ALWAYS makes me laugh. Its a great mood booster. (Awkward Family Photos)
– This italian dude dismantled a church ‘in the name’ of art. WTF. (
– I love this photo project. (My Modern Met)
– So, my second favorite show How I Met Your Mother (or HIMYM) ended and i have a LOT OF FEELINGS about it. In the end though, I actually feel like it was the perfect ending. And for a show with so many life lessons the ending was the biggest of all: anything can happen and we just have to keep living. So yeah, I actually really like it.
Still, there were many reactions. Twitter basically exploded, and there were articles that helped process the whole thing, and many others in between to fill the void. (Fiction Parker, Thought Catalog, Zimbio, Vanity Fair, TV Line)
– And last but not least, a city covered in petals. Sigh with me! (My Modern Met)

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