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This week I talked about the road between Guanajuato and Guadalajara. Also I showed you this library in Guadalajara, which I happen to have a big crush on. I just find libraries and museums so so peaceful…

And out in the internet world, this is what I found:

– The Tate Museum made public a lot of its audio archives. They made me really happy. (Tate Museum)
Game of Thrones is back!!! This series is a case in which the tv series and the books actually compliment each other. I still have book for on my list of books to read. (Pajiba)
– This video and song are great. My love for the beach continues.
– This woman on a bike is super chic. (The Sartorialist)
– I got to see the sunrise in NY and its magical how they sky gets reflected on all the buildings. This Garance Doré photo is of a sunset (I think) and it reminds me a bit of what I saw that morning. (Garance Doré)
– When cleverness united famous paintings with social media. (My Modern Met)

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