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This was lazy week here in Mexico, and even though I worked half the week I was lazy in spirit. This is what the internet told me:

– So it turns out that the Ancient city of Rome, specifically the Roman Forum is 200 years older that we all thought. (Telegraph)
A Brief History of Men in Tights. I love this so much! (GQ)
Tapestries: the predecesors of social media? (Metropolitan Museum)
– The last Game of Thrones episode were the most hateful character ever dies is inspiring many Agatha Christie-worthy theories. I love Game of Thrones AND Agatha Christie’s books so this is super exciting! (New York Times)
This chair is hilarious. It looks like an alien cocoon… is it slimy? (Dezeen)
– An article on the architectural functionality of museums. It’s an amazing piece. (Dezeen)
– And lastly, 20 ways to slice europe. (An Architecture)

Happy Easter!

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