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Finals. (NY Public Library)

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NY public library NY public libraryPhoto by Mon

I’m currently going through finals month. What is that? It’s when you have projects due for the first week of june but in the meantime you have a million papers and presentations to hand in every week. So you can imagine that my basic and most loyal company these days consists of books and my laptop. Wish I could spend my days in such a glorious place as the NY public library for this, but sadly I live thousands of miles away from it.

Ahorita estoy en mes de finales. Qué es eso? Es cuando tienes entregas finales en la primera semana de junio pero mientras tanto cada semana tienes que entregar ensayos, reportes y presentaciones. Así que se imaginarán que mis aliados del momento son los libros y mi laptop. Ojalá pudiera pasar por todo ésto en la NY public library que me encanta, pero tristemente vivo a miles de kilómetros de ella.



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