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I never post myself here, so this is a departure, but I have reasons. First of all, I just got a new cellphone last week. And if you ever had the pleasure of knowing my last one, you know this is heaven. My old cellphone never let me read the news, or use any app that wasn’t whatsapp or twitter, really. The camera was a big challenge, so imagine me trying to use instagram or facebook. Basically, I ended up semi-quitting social media, taking pictures and even phone calls because I just didn’t want to fight with my cellphone anymore. And then this new one comes along and everything is easy! So, I’m in love.

And thus the reason for this picture, I’m so in love with it that I ended up ignoring my friends the other day while we were waiting outside of the theater. I like the picture, but I just want it to remind me that no matter how amazed I am by my new phone, really its just a freaking phone.


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