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That books chair.

Camden Market

This is what my room looks like most of the time. Books, papers and chairs everywhere. My to-read list is quite overwhelming and I always end up reading whatever my mood dictates anyway.




London Bricks.

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Something I noticed almost as soon as I landed in London was the bricks. What a weird thing to notice! But I really think they are worth mentioning. From my memory there were red, white-ish, yellow and brown bricks. The red ones, I concluded, are used in elegant buildings and are carved. I’d never seen carved red bricks to create and ornate front. The brown and yellow bricks, I saw, were used in big buildings and in some cases the entrances contrasted by being made of limestone or white plaster to create a classical entrance. I really wish I could study the composition of these types of bricks. Here in Mexico we have red bricks, but their pores are wide and I don’t think they could be carved without breaking. I imagine it’s got to do with the soil.


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The world of graffiti is one that fascinates me. Banksy is my idol. But also, there are just the regular graffitis that in the right context (like the picture above) create an urban world of their own. Like an utopia of just being. I read an article that this place was going to be torn down and then these guys that skate and graffiti there got together and got to keep it as is. I thought it was such a great achievement. An example of urban freedom. I hope it really does stay like this.