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Windows as mirrors.

Parliament, Big Ben

I love reflections, they give so much depth and insight to a place and its surroundings. Its like a story waiting to be told.




London Bricks.

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Something I noticed almost as soon as I landed in London was the bricks. What a weird thing to notice! But I really think they are worth mentioning. From my memory there were red, white-ish, yellow and brown bricks. The red ones, I concluded, are used in elegant buildings and are carved. I’d never seen carved red bricks to create and ornate front. The brown and yellow bricks, I saw, were used in big buildings and in some cases the entrances contrasted by being made of limestone or white plaster to create a classical entrance. I really wish I could study the composition of these types of bricks. Here in Mexico we have red bricks, but their pores are wide and I don’t think they could be carved without breaking. I imagine it’s got to do with the soil.


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Oaxaca’s Streets

Oaxaca Oaxaca

There are not many historic centers in Mexico that are still so well taken care of that they feel as special as Oaxaca’s (I would also include Querétaro, San Cristóbal and Puebla here). It’s such a beautiful quality and I hope this city’s center, like that of any evolving city anywhere, keeps being an active part of it’s society (not a living museum) without having to jeopardize it’s identity.


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My favorite thing about London…

Big Ben

Millenium Bridge

When I got back from my trip to London everyone kept asking me what my favorite thing had been. And I would just stare blankly back and lamely say “everything”. I got some pretty meaningful “what is wrong with you” stares back.

But the thing is, my favorite thing about London was all of it. From the big museum and must-visits, to the coffee and people. I tried to see and experience as much as I could and ended up with around 2,000 pictures. How could I chose just one thing?

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I’ve been taking pictures for some years now and, although I’m definitely not an expert, I’ve learned a few things along the way. The most important for me has been it’s more about following my instincts than rules. Because if you’re like me, the picture will be no good (no matter how much technique you put into it) unless it moves you in some way. It can be anything. People, flowers, buildings, a moment, a scene, colors, a feeling, a story, anything. I guess it all comes down to connecting with something and expressing it somehow.

For this picture I pictured an old lady coming out every morning to water her flowers.


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Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you have a very special time with family and friends!

I also wish you lots of yummy food and a cozy couch to watch movies/read a good book underneath the warmest blanket 🙂

(This picture was taken in the town of Stratford Upon-Avon in September. It’s both charming and disconcerting that people buy christmas decorations all year long, but there you go.)


Door. #2

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Some people love sports, I love history. And I love doors. This one is from San Miguel de Allende by a restaurant called “Ten-ten-pié”. What do you think is behind it?

Hay gente que ama los deportes, yo amo la historia. Y me fascinan las puertas. Ésta es en San Miguel de Allende cerca de un restaurant que se llama “Ten-ten-pié”. Que creen que haya del otro lado?


photo by Mon

Parroquia de San Miguel de Allende

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San Miguel de Allende San Miguel de AllendePhotos by Mon

This is the main church in the town of San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato. One of the loveliest towns you’ll ever find. This church has a very proud look to it judging by its gothic, grand architecture. But it is tiny! You can especially get a grasp of its scale by the second picture with the sculpture and the lanterns. Its like a model of an european cathedral.

Ésta es la parroquia de San Miguel de Allende en Guanajuato. Uno de los pueblos más bonitos y pintorescos de México. Ésta parroquia tiene un aire de grandeza por su arquitectura gótica. Pero es súper pequeña! Se puede apreciar mejor la escala en la segunda foto donde se ven las lámparas y la escultura. Es como una maqueta de una catedral europea.



Ruined houses #1, Puebla.

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PueblaPhoto by Mon

It is a contradiction that ruins should evoke such awe and melancholy over their lost splendor when they are falling to pieces. (I, by the way, would love to restore it back to health. That’s what I’m doing my masters for!) And yet… even knowing upon sight everything that has happened and will likely happen to this building if no one acts soon, I cannot help it: I love it.

 Es una contradicción que las ruinas evoquen admiración y nostalgia de un esplendor perdido cuando se caen a pedazos. (Por cierto, me encantaría restuararla. Para eso estoy estudiando la maestría!) Y sin embargo… sabiendo con sólo verla sus deterioros, lo que le ha pasado y le puede pasar si nadie hace nada para salvar ésta finca, no puedo evitarlo: me encanta.


Door in Huejotzingo, Puebla

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Huejotzingo, PueblaPhoto by Mon

Hello world! I have been absent but now I am baaaack! Somehow I did really well in all my finals and am headed for my second and last year of the masters. In this post I’m showing you this beautiful (my favorite) door in the north side of the church of the Huejotzingo convent in Puebla. There’s a good reason why it’s so pretty and it’s because it is a ”porciúncula” door. You can read more about these kinds of doors (you can read all the history or jump to content #5) here.

Hola mundo! He estado ausente pero ya estoy de regreso. Sigo sin saber cómo, pero me fue muy bien en todas mis materias y ya voy al segundo y último año de la maestría! En éste post les muestro una de las puertas más bellas que me he encontrado. Es una puerta ”porciúncula” en el muro norte de la iglesia del convento de Huejotzingo en Puebla. En éste link pueden aprender más sobre éste tipo de puertas (o en éste más extenso).