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I’ve been taking pictures for some years now and, although I’m definitely not an expert, I’ve learned a few things along the way. The most important for me has been it’s more about following my instincts than rules. Because if you’re like me, the picture will be no good (no matter how much technique you put into it) unless it moves you in some way. It can be anything. People, flowers, buildings, a moment, a scene, colors, a feeling, a story, anything. I guess it all comes down to connecting with something and expressing it somehow.

For this picture I pictured an old lady coming out every morning to water her flowers.



Breaking up? (Guadalajara, México)

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couplePhoto by Mon

I didn’t really mean to take this picture (ages ago). I was actually looking at the flowers and playing with the depth of field when at the end of my lens I saw them. Sometimes you don’t need to actually know to know what’s going on. Was I too invasive here?

No fue mi intención tomar ésta foto. La verdad estaba jugando con la profundidad de campo y las flores cuando los vi al fondo de mi lente. A veces no necesitas saber para saber qué es lo que pasa. Fui invasiva?